Intuitive movement

Brynne Flidais

33 days of Dance for Peace
​Live performance art accompanied by the most potent covers of John Lennon's 'Imagine'.​​

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Brynne Flidais is an embodiment specialist. For over a decade, she has been holding space for groups and individuals to THRIVE through movement. She is passionate about sharing her somatic tools with people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and experience levels via private sessions, audio sessions, group movement laboratories, workshops and videos. 

Dance for Camera

Authentic. Evocative. Alive. Uninhibited performance art for camera.

Movement / Voice / Breath

Tune in to your body's innate wisdom. Receive empathy, reflection and nonjudgmental support with a 1:1 session

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Cosmic Beats for Soul Evolution

This music invites us to sense the stardust we are made from as the dancing journey is infused with vibrational wisdom. 

Move the body

A Weekly Movement Laboratory
Somatic Practices, 


Moveintuit Film and Video: Enlivened performance art and improvisational movement for camera



DJ Flidais: Behind the decks at Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) - Friday, JANUARY 18 - Abbott Square


Moveintuit Sessions:Move into a deeper understanding of yourself & your body with an individual session.


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